• 07:00 Race area opens
    Come and hang out, eat some breakfast, and prepare.
  • 09:30 Race Brief
    A word from the Race Directeur before the start.
  • 09:50 Line up
    Be ready at the startline.
  • 10:00 Race Start (All riders)

SUNDAY AUGUST 2oth. 2023

  • 10.00 Race Finish (24H)
    The last riders finish the race. 
  • 15:00 Race Area Closes
    We say goodbye. 



We offer a variety of great challenges for cyclist of all levels and temperaments. Are you looking for a day time ride only, or an all nighter? Do you like to ride as a team or solo. Anything is possible at Helnæs24, below you can see the options. 


  • 24H – 24 hours (draft and no draft)
  • 12H – 12 hours (draft and no draft)
  • 6H – 6 hours (draft only)


  • SOLO 
  • DUO  2 rider relay team. 
  • Quattro 4 rider relay team. 

DUO and QUATTRO is raced as RELAY, only one rider at a time. The GPS tracker must be handed over at the Race Area, when you switch riders. 

SOLO riders can choose to ride either as DRAFT or NO-DRAFT. DRAFT riders are allowed to form packs of riders. NO-DRAFT riders must ride solo at all times. Group riders may draft other riders (also ND), unless they wear the official NO DRAFT Helnæs24 sticker. 

All riders must complete at least one round of the Long Parkour, to achieve the legendary Helnæs24 Finisher Medal


LONG PARKOUR (34.02km/168hm)

The route extends around the beautiful Helnæs Peninsula via a dam, then back to Ebberup via Snave. The Long Lap must be used the first 22 hours of the race.

See it on STRAVA

SHORT PARKOUR (7,52km/48hm)

The lap is 7.5 kilometers and runs in the area immediately south of Ebberup. The route goes clockwise, and thus mainly offers right turns. You have to use this lap the last two hours of the race.

See it on STRAVA

Race Area

The Race Area opens Saturday at 08.00. Race Starts at 12.00. You can pitch a tent, come in a Caravan, or choose to rest in our lounge tent. 

Allowed Bikes

Road Bikes and TT Bikes are allowed at Helnæs24. It is allowed to switch between a Road bike and TT bike, during the race. Disc Wheels are allowed. Aero Bars are allowed for RAAM riders (12 & 24H). 

Riders on Recumbent Bikes are welcome. Recumbent riders compete only against other recumbent riders. Drafting recumbent bikes is not allowed.  

Bike Fit must be in accordance with UCI and ITU regulations.


All riders participate at their own risk. Riders must comply with the Danish Road Traffic Act. Riders must wear a Helmet at all times. 

Riders must equip and use Non Flashning Bicycle Lights and a Reflective Vest with a minimum 15mm wide reflective strip. between 20:00 – 06:00. Front and rear lights must be mounted on the bike.

All bikes (12 and 24H) must be equipped with the following reflectors: Front (white), Rear (red), wheel sides and pedals (yellow). 

We generally recommend that participants make themselves as visible as possible.


There is a water, energy drink, candy and bread. 


Riders can pass our Pit Pavilion and refill with essential easy accessible calories.  

– Fruit and vegetables; Apples, Bananas, Cucumbers & Salt.
– Chips, Peanuts, Candy, & a limited amount of energybars and gels.
– A selection of Danish Cakes.
– Water, soda, energy drink, juice.
– Pizza is served at 22.00 and breakfast at 09.00. 

Coffee and Tea is available at all hours.  


Camp Site “Chrash Site”

It is possible to spend the night at our “Chrash Site” tent in the Camp Area, or bring your own tent, Camp Area is walking distance to the Race Zone.  Both options are included in the registration fee.

Camp Area and Ebberup School

It is possible to spend the night in a Tent or a Caravan at our Camp Area. Please note, there is no electricity at the campsite. It is possible to charge your units at the Race Area

Motorhomes must park at Ebberup School. Beware not to block the fire road, which is clearly marked. There is no Electricity at the School, charge your units at the Race Area

Fire regulations require at least 3 meters between all Tents, Caravans and Moterhomes. 

Race Manual

The Race Manual can be found here for download, it will be shared in a final revision, leading into the event, which will be e-mailed to all participants. We update the manuel and the website on a monthly basis, to keep everything as up to date as possible. 

RAAM Qualifier Race

The Race Across America, or RAAM, is an ultra-distance road cycling race held across the United States that started in 1982 as the Great American Bike Race.

RAAM is one of the longest annual endurance events in the world. All entrants must prove their abilities by competing in any of several qualifying events, completing a course within a specified time period.

To participate in RAAM you must qualify, which can be achieved at Helnæs24 by riding at least 643,6KM as a man or 593,3km as a woman, in the 24H RAAM class

Men 60+ can qualify with same distance as women. 

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